JK News Today

Jammu, December 12

The prestigious Tawi Lake project in Jammu would be missing yet another deadline line, this time mainly due to demonetisation.

The Irrigation and flood control department is constructing the barrage which will create water reservoir. Out of thirty gates that will form the barrage only 11 are partly ready while work on remaining is going on.

Minister for Irrigation and Flood Control, Sham Lal Choudhary told JK News Today, “Our endeavour is to complete these gates by 31st March 2017.” The earlier deadline was 31st March 2016.

He told that work has just begun after remaining suspended for sometime as the contractor had stooped the work. Giving reason for the delay the Minister said, “It was due to some delays in payments to the contractor and also the bank guarantee could not be obtained due to demonetisation.”

According the Choudhary the work of Irrigation and Flood Control department is just to construct the barrage to reserve the water of Tawi River and remaining work is for the Urban Development department.

The  work had remained suspended for 20 months since it started in 2010. The cost of construction is also expected to take a big jump due to delays for several months.  Estimated cost of Tawi River Lake project was about Rs.70 crores when it started.

The sources revealed that it might touch Rs.100 crores now or even more than that. The Government of India is funding 90 percent of the cost while theTawi Lake project is bearing the remaining 10 percent.

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