J K News Today Commentary

A major paradox  that  Kashmiri separatist  are propagating  nowadays is that there  was either no history  before Article 35 A  of the Indian constitution was challenged in the Supreme Court  or  the history is traced back to early twentieth century when Dogra rulers  fortified the land  and job rights for the state subjects  or  permanent residents of the State .

But there is a lesson for them even in this interpretation of theirs .  The  rule invoked and implemented by Maharaja Hari Singh  in 1927  which   now goes by the maxim “ Kashmir for Kashmiris”  at the behest of the Kashmiri Pandits , is being  propagated by them as a historical truth. There is no denying the fact that this happened and later it became the  part of the Indian constitution  in the form of Article 35 A  which they are declaring  as their “ inherent right.”

The historical journey from 1927 to  1954  has another historical truth that shows that how the Article that they are determined to fight for at all costs  became part of the Indian constitution because it was  same Maharaja Hari Singh  who acceded the state to India  in 1947 .

 It is due  to  the accession that the inherent rights of the permanent residents of the State could be incorporated in the Indian constitution . That is  again a historical truth , which is worth recalling . The select history also has the dots that get connected one after another.

The Indian constitution  has honoured this Article till date. The separatists  are  seeking to link the Article 35 A to  what they call the “ disputed nature” of the State  because of the U N resolutions of 1948-49 that envisaged  plebiscite for the people of the state to choose the nation of their future.  Separatists are reading that , but skipping the another clause that wanted Pakistan to fulfill the condition to vacate the whole of the territory that it controlled through tribal aggression backed by Pakistani army in 1947-1948 .

Anyways, those resolutions were described as “ obsolete” by Kofi Anan , during his tenure as Secretary General of the United Nations .  The history  needs to be read in sequence and consequence not through the selected  pages .

It is good that their memory rests on May 1954 when a Presidential Order  incorporated 35 A into the Indian constitution to safeguard the  unique identity of the permanent residents of the state  with regard to land and jobs .  That is where the Indian constitution tells them that what they can get through this constitution is not available  anywhere else.