J K News Today

New Delhi, December 28:

The United States  has yet again issued a stern warning to Pakistan to  fight terrorism on its soil with seriousness and purposefulness .

In  his piece ,  “ I am proud of our diplomacy ,”  published in the New York Times ,the U S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson , while  stopping, what he called a  “ commitment to stopping  Islamist  terrorism and extremism “ referred to the Donald Trump administration’s  decision to adopt a new South Asia strategy , which focuses on Afghanistan.

He wrote that country (  Afghanistan) cannot  become  a safe haven for terrorists, as it was in the days before September 11 attacks . He emphasized with  a note of caution and doubt. “ Pakistan must  contribute by combating  terrorist groups on its own soil .”.

The more sarcastic note  was in the next sentence : “ Pakistan must contribute by combating  terrorist groups on its own soil . We are prepared to partner with Pakistan to defeat terrorist organisations  seeking safe havens , but Pakistan must demonstrate its desire to partner with us.”

This statement itself is indicative of the fact that the U S has doubts about the  Pakistan’s commitment to fight Islamist terrorism flourishing on its soil under the patronage of its Deep State – ISI .

Pakistan is accused of patronizing, funding and helping the terrorist groups like Jalal-ud-Din  Haqanni network, Lashkar-e-Tyaiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad and  Taliban offshoots . Pakistan has been using these  groups to harass India and  Afghanistan .