JK News Today

Jammu. March 05:

The United States has ruled out any engagement with the Kashmiri leaders   on both sides of the Line of Control  in a snub to all those who have been asking for  their participation  in seeking resolution of Kashmir issue .

The US state Department spokesperson Ned  Price  gave a very crisp and meaningful  answer  to a questioner who  suggested the US engagement with  the Kashmiri leaders on the two sides of the Line of Control that divides Jammu and  Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Price told the questioner : “I don’t have anything for you on that. If there’s anything we can add, we will.”

The questioner , obviously a Pakistani journalist had asked the state department spokesperson  at  a press briefing on Thursday  that since there were a number of “Kashmiri leaders who feel voiceless in the process. Is the United States going to do anything to actually engage not just the officials from the Indian and Pakistani official delegations but Kashmiris within the contested region to see what they – what you can do to help elevate their voices in the solution?”

This spokesperson’s response that there was nothing like on that  should set at rest all the speculations that the US would encourage  the participation of the Kashmiri leaders in the Indo-Pak dialogue on Kashmir .

American position is that they want India and Pakistan to hold “ direct dialogue to  resolve the issue.”

On Kashmir, , Ned Price  reiterated that  the US is following “ very closely developments in Jammu and Kashmir. Our policy towards the region has not changed. We call on all parties to reduce tensions along the Line of Control by returning to the 2003 ceasefire commitments. We condemn terrorists who seek to infiltrate across the Line of Control.”

“ When it comes to how we will support that, we continue to support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and other areas of concern.”