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Give yourself permission to love your life. If you love your life, you love the process life is. So it’s very important to take care of yourself and stay healthy.
During winters our skin demands extra care. Dryness takes over your skin, lips get chipped; palm starts peeling off. Winter is the best to take a walk outside but not good time for your skin.
Use lukewarm water, though its bliss in winters to take hot shower but that would strip away essential oil from your skin. So best to keep your skin moist and to add few drops of oil in the bucket of luke warm water and take a bath. Also it would be ideal to use an oil based moisturiser.
Heaters during winter- they dry out the air which further damages and dries the skin. So you must install a humidifier. It will keep you warm as well as keep the skin moist.



We must use the right CTMP rule during winters especially as SKIN needs extra care.
Drink plenty of water as it is essential for the well being of your skin.
Exfoliation is important as we have a lot of dead cells so we must exfoliate so that the moisturiser finds the way into your skin.
Hyloronic based moisturisers are good during winters.
Some good home remedies for dry skin:
one can add extra virgin olive oil under regular moisturiser or use hydrating serum and put your moisturiser on top.
before taking a bath or shower rub honey all over your body. Leave it for 5-10 min. Repeat daily.
apply mashed Avocado pulp all over your dry skin and then rinse off with cold water.

FOR BRIDES special tip

soak almonds overnight and make a paste after peeling the skin. Add raw milk, 2tsp of lemon juice and gram flour. Apply on face and neck and leave for 20 min and wash with luke warm water.
This not only hydrates the skin but improves the skin tone as well.
Give special care to hand and feet and use petroleum jelly based products. Also for very dry feet, apply Vaseline and cover with socks while u sleep overnight. The next morning you will feel supple and hydrated.
Hair care…. dandruff is more during winters as we take bath with hot water so scalp becomes dry best would be to take hot oil massage treatment .
*keep the moisturiser ready on this dressing table to keep your skin hydrated all the time.
1tbsp glycerin
1tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp rose water
Mix all and store it in a bottle. Its very effective during winters .
Say bye to dryness n feel hydrated

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