J K News Today Special

Jammu, May 10:

It is good that National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has taken stock of the situation along the LOC and across it , as it exists in Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir , to prevent planned hot summer by Pakistan and its terrorists lodged at the launch pads.

Certain threats are very clear . Pakistan is resorting to daily ceasefire violations to keep the Indian army engaged in retaliation. Pak army targets civilians , doubling the task of the Indian army , silencing guns of Pakistani army and at the same time evacuating civilians to save them from harm’s way.

The real purpose of Pakistan army is to push in terrorists under the fire cover. This is an old tried and tested method of Pakistan army . The terrorists have been taking different routes – scaling high snow bound passes, riverine , negotiating jungles – to cross over to this side of the LoC. Pakistan army and terrorists have devised many methods to cross over . The fence was cut , inflatable boats were used in rivers , and they have also experiments with using high jump skills to cross over the fence . This speaks of their methodology, physical training and mental tuning , all guided by the motivational programs, highlighting, what they call “Indian atrocities” on Kashmiris.

It should also not come as a surprise that tomorrow Pakistan may attribute the closed mosques in Kashmir , which is a norm in many Islamic countries now as a precaution to prevent the spread of virus, to the so-called “Indian highhandedness in denying the religious freedom to the Kashmiri Muslims in the holy month of Ramzan.”

Pakistan is a master in distorting the things and spreading information . If Kashmiris are not getting 4G internet services , it is because of Pakistan’s incessant attempts to cause troubles in Kashmir.

Doval , an old hand on Kashmir and who has mastered understanding and overcoming challenges and overcoming the same vis-à-vis Indian national security can gauge the coming threat and preparing a response to it . He knows how to foil the designs of Pakistan , and also how to taken on Pakistan sponsored terrorists.

It is good that he is leading the way . The country is safe and Pakistan will never succeed in its nefarious designs.