JK News Today

JAMMU, JANUARY 14: Chairperson, State Social Welfare Board (JKSSWB), Professor Nirmal Gupta today highlighted the role of women in shaping the future of our young generation into a civilized citizen.

“The women have prime role in imparting high moral values among their wards encouraging them to respect our cultural ethos which inspire us to show deep care, concern and respect towards our elders”, she maintained.

Educationist, Chanchal Dogra, was the key speaker on the occasion.

While speaking on the occasion, Nirmal Gupta urged upon the women to understand their role in all forms and contribute towards societal renaissance. She said that God has gifted the women with amazing attitude and approach which can be utilized for creating a better world to live in. “A mother is the first Guru for a child from whom he learns the basic ethics of living so she must understand and perform her role with utmost care and concern”, she maintained.

The chairperson stressed that we should spend some time with elders so as to gain from them as they have the treasure of experiences. She further said that elders are the heritage for any family and it is everyone’s duty to treat them as assets not liabilities.

Among others who participated in the discussion including Director Radio Kashmir, Jammu, Anjali Sharma, retired Principal Prof Sarla Kohli, Coordinator Minority Commission of India Sakina Bano, Prof. Sunita Sutal,  Prof. Gitanjali Rana, Sindhu Kapoor, social activist, Kamal Gour,  Nira and representatives of various social organizations.