JK News Today Special

Jammu, March 12:

With the world courting  India to play its role in sorting out  issues facing  it in different lines on the global map   firmly  establishes  recognition of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and his vision .

Today, the United States  has stated in no uncertain terms that it wanted India to play its part in ending  nearly two-decade old war in Afghanistan , Canada is hailing  India for  leading in vaccination of the Corona virus , and as such there is no other country that is anywhere close to the  position where India stands today in launching eradication of the pandemic that troubled the whole world.

Tonight , the US president U S President  Joe Biden will hold the QUAD meeting , in which India, Japan and Australia would be focusing on the international security , and sending messages of the new world order that they  want the countries to embrace . This message will go all across  to friends and foes .

It is important to understand that how India has reached at the stage where it is supplying vaccine to  Pakistan that has always banked on overflowing reservoir of its anti-India designs . Modi’s philosophy of neighbhoorhood first is translating into reality . Though India has told  Pakistan to behave and not encourage  terrorists and send them to this side of the border in more  ways than one, but as far as people-to-people contact and help to the neighbour is concerned , India has always taken first step.

It is tribute to the leadership of India under Prime Minister Modi that despite so many odds , crippling year of 2020 due to the pandemic , that the country has slotted itself in the lead role in the world affairs . This is because India has led by example – it took care of its people, especially poor  during the pandemic crisis . It is now vaccinating all the poor people free of cost that no other country is doing across the globe .

The world is looking at India for support and succour . It is all because of the inspiring leadership qualities of Prime Minister Modi.