J K News Today Special

Jammu, August 30:

Narendra Modi is not just the prime minister of the largest democracy of the world that India is , his passion to build India  of realising  dreams of children , the future leaders of the country , is legendry . This  became  clearer today ( Sunday-  August 30th)  during his “ Mann Ki Baat”. It has a special message for the children of Jammu and Kashmir, though Prime Minister spoke to the millions of children and their parents, teachers across the country.

At length he talked about toys. The joy  of having a toy  for a child is immeasurable. The children live in their world of  toys, enjoy feel of the toys, and playing with them makes them ecstatic  .The toys introduce them to the world, as they learn about the world through these toys.

Toys are stress relievers. The children of J&K, especially the Valley, have been undergoing stress and strain in their lives . To make a statement of facts, it can be said without any fear of contradiction that the children of the Valley  have not shared the pleasure of having a normal childhood with the children of the rest of the country.

It is not their fault. The atmosphere is such where the definition of their toys and games has been changed , and their sense of creativity  has been blunted by the sound of  bullets and bombs  for the past over 30 years . The guns and bombs were exported by Pakistan  that interrupted and destroyed the childhood’ routine pleasures  of  playing with their  dolls , plastic choppers or assembling the things . They were not even permitted to go to play fields by their parents and there were times when for weeks together, their schools were shut, and stones  were handed over to them as new brand of toys which would damage  property or injure the people.

PM delivered a message of creativity to them where  there was appeal to the children of the country  to go in for creativity for positive outcomes. The children of Jammu and Kashmir, now free from the shackles of the different  perceptions about their land and the rest of the country,  have  a chance to try their hand on the positive creativity . Now, it is for the parents and children to make children aware of PM’s message so that these children are as much part in the nation building and securing their future as the children elsewhere in the country.

Talking about toys is  not a toy-thing . It is  an appeal to the sense of leaning and  creativity among the children . That’s what Prime Minister Narendra Modi did while making an expansive mention of the toys and their role in the lives of children.

The connect  is  that of love-affection, joy ad creativity  that Prime Minister struck with the millions of children, preparing to learn  at different stages, some playing for joy, others trying to  find out what exactly has gone into the making of toys and others for whom the learning  their class-room lessons through online is just another game. Toy is another name for innovation , and the innovation is deeply connected with the sense of creativity.

Prime Minister’s invocation of  Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore  about  the suggestions that the best toys are the incomplete ones. The pleasure of completing these incomplete toys transcends all the joys of  playing with the little things brought  to children by their parents . This is game , and the game should not be over because someone else gets some fancy and expensive toys. Nothing can beat the pleasure of the game and  also making our own toys.

That can  reshape the thinking and future of children in Jammu and Kashmir. Special responsibility lies on parents , teachers  to tell children about the joys of toys and its connect with the future of theirs.