JK News Today

Jammu, September 22

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has hailed Tuesday as a “ momentous day for the people of J&K” as Jammu Kashmir official languages( Amendment) Bill was passed in Lok Sabha minutes before he extended his greetings to the people of the UT of J&K where the people had been waiting for the parliament’s nod for the endorsement of the official languages.

Significantly, the passage of the bill will hearten lakhs of Dogri, Kashmiri and Hindi speaking people. J&K already had Urdu as its official language, while English was the main language of communication in the official circles.

Shah said, “ with this historic bill…. Long awaited dream of the people of J&K comes true! Kashmiri, Dogri, Urdu , Hindi and English will now be the official languages of J&K.”

Amit Shah whose ministry runs J&K UT has been the driving force for the inclusion of regional languages of Kashmiri and Dogri in the official languages . This has struck a very definite balance between the people speaking their native languages in the Valley and Jammu.

While Kashmiri is mostly spoken in the Valley , Jammu is a region where Dogri has its emotional connect with the people.