New Delhi ,  October 7 ( JKNT)   BJP chief  Amit Shah  today  slammed Congress vice president  Rahual Gandhi  and others doubting the Indian army’s surgical strikes  at the terror camps  in Pakistan occupied Kashmir on September 29 .

He accused Congress of aligning with the  “ frustrations  of Pakistan” in the aftermath of the surgical strikes. He particularly took  Rahul Gandhi to task for  his “ khoon ki dalali” remarks against Prime Minister.

He told a  press conference at the BJP headquarters that  Pakistan has been hit badly by the surgical strikes by the India army and it is frustrated. But, he regretted that some political parties within the country  were also raising questions like Pakistan, hence undermining the brave doing of the army.

“ Rahul ji can have differences with Prime Minister but that should  not  mean that he should  take on the  brave armed forces in his politics. It is stooping too low,” Amit Shah said.

Shah defended the surgical strikes,  and said that  it was  for the first tie since independence that the army had conducted such strikes across the LoC on this matter.

Regarding Pakistan’s denial that no surgical strikes had taken place and India was lying , Shah  asked,” then why there was a joint session of Pakistan Parliament and why is Prime minister Nawaz Sharif sitting in  Islambad for so long, where he used to go once or twice a month.”