JK News Today

Jammu, November 21

The Art of Living will be hosting a conference on peace in Jammu on 23rd Nov intended to bring in a new dawn in Kashmir Valley.

Spiritual leader and Founder of Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will address the conference. The theme would be to bring back the peace which has eluded the valley for long.

At this venue another platform for peace will be launched called “South Asian Forum For Peace”.

According to Art of Living Press Realease, the intention of launching this new platform is to forge together the countries in the South-Asian region, where cooperation, peace and progress have been evasive for sometimes.

There are nine countries in the region and the forum will strive to bring them together on various aspects such as peace, growth, entrepreneurship, skill developmental progress, exchange of cultural ambassadors, promote educational partnerships, women’s empowerment many such initiatives.


The release stated, “Most countries in the region are in developmental stages. This in mind, peace and progress are of extremely important. Without peace, development of societies is an impossible task. This Forum will thus ensure peace will become the primary focus of all in the days to come”.

The Forum will be headed by Sanjay Kumar who will be the first Director of the organisation. Introducing Kumar, the release read, “He has proven his credentials in bringing peace to areas which have had troubled times in the past. His vision and dedication will be an asset to this new forum replete with such high ideals.”

One of the very first endeavour of this forum will be focused on Kashmir. “This beautiful valley of diversities is currently undergoing a traumatic phase. Peace which transcended this vale for the longest period, now needs some healing touch from well meaning folks. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who is the founder of Art of Living will address the conference.”

The stake-holders are many and are multi-faceted. Art of Living is sincerely aspiring, via this forum the much required respite to the people of Kashmir. Conflict resolution is the primary task here where specially the youth have become restless, have taken to violence and are heading towards radicalization of their faith. The elderly, women and children have become vulnerable and have become the unfortunate victims of this deadly cycle of violence.  Sanjay Kumar has been quite successful in bringing many stake-holders together. The hopes are high, both within Kashmir and outside.

23rd of November will then become the defining date in the history of Kashmir. The transition to peace and progress will thus begin under South Asia Forum For Peace.