J K News Today

New Delhi, January 15 ( JKNT)

The new army chief Gen. Bipin Rawat  has warned  soldiers  of punishment  if they happen to commit “ crime” of airing their grievances through social media  claiming that such acts  “ demoralize the jawans deployed on borde4rs.”

In his maiden Army Day message on Sunday , Gen. Rawat  appeared irked by the video  upload by the affected jawans  about their plight . The soldiers complained that they  were made to do the menial jobs by officers. These jobs ranged from polishing shoes, to gardening and taking their dogs to walk .

Gen> Rawat said, “  if they had any grievances, they can approach me directly instead of airing their grievances on the social medi.”

“ Such acts ( of uploading their grievances on social media” would be considered a “ crime” and it can invite  punishment .

This is for the first time that the army chief has made such references in  Army Day ( January 15) address.