JK News Today

Jammu, January 16: (JKNT) Bhartiya Janta Party’s resolution saying no to the compensation to the stone throwers and their families as announced by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on January 9, has placed the party in a soup.

The party, which obviously was not consulted by the party ministers, particularly Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh, over the PDP’s plans to give ex-gratia relief of Rs. 5 lakh to each of the protestors killed in the Kashmir unrest last year, was angry.

Ravinder Raina , a vocal lawmaker of BJP , had  criticized the move and termed it as an “ insult to the nationalistic  forces.”. He described the stone throwers as “ rioters who challenged the Indian nation,. But the BJP ministers did not agree with their party lawmaker and kept quiet  on the issue.

After the resolution was rejected, NC lawmaker Devender Singh Rana taunted the BJP and asked its legislators , “ where do you stand. You have brought shame to Jammu  and the people who mandated you in the Assembly elections.”

BJP sources revealed that the party  is unhappy the way things are happening and it is losing its political territory by the acts of the PDP- the leading partner in the coalition government..  PDP  has been steam rolling all the major issues to which the BJP was committed . The PDP has shown little regard to the  local BJP’s articulation of its ideas .

PDP’s  magnified focus on the Kashmir unrest and policy to  bring the local militants into mainstream and offering  sops to the families of the  militants  has  not gone unnoticed in the Hindu belt of Jammu which had overwhelmingly voted for BJP in the Assembly elections.

The BJP leaders  unable to explain their helplessness in the government are running away from the public , Politically, it is in soup in Jammu and Kashmir .