Announces Rs 20 lakhs for Community Centre

JK News Today


National Conference Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday asked BJP to desist from hoodwinking public opinion by indulging in rhetoric and emotive sloganeering, saying its false promises have already generated discontentment among youth.

“With 2019 elections coming closer, the BJP flock has begun hovering around the politically sagacious people of Jammu with false promises and dreams”, Mr Rana said while interacting with workers at Bajalta.

Rana said the BJP is now fully exposed for playing with sentiments of Jammu people and failing in keeping up commitments. Coming again before the people in the guise of Jammu’s self-styled Messiahs is like sprinkling salt on wounds of electors, who had trusted and mandated the BJP in both parliamentary and assembly elections in 2014. He said the ongoing nightmarish misrule will continue to haunt Jammu people for decades together.

The Provincial President said the BJP had been hammering discrimination and invoking Jammu pride for six decades of its wilderness in the opposition but once getting into the cradle of power in partnership with  equally opportunistic PDP, it has left the people in lurch and pushed the youth to deprivation. He said the hysteria created over the Jammu interests is tearing apart into pieces, as the promises made before, during and after the 2014 elections have evaporated like bubble of water.

“The BJP has lost its sheen as also moral right of claiming to be the champions of the Jammu cause, as power corridors are more attractive for its leaders than reaching out to alienated masses”, he said, adding the people are feeling let down, as the entire system of governance has gone haywire. He said soaring prices are breaking backbone of poor, utility services are in shambles, grievance mechanism is in complete disarray and all sectors of development were suffering inertia. “Same is true about implementation of welfare schemes”, he added.

Rana referred to the dicey politico-administrative situation in the sensitive state and said that reactionary politics of the BJP have hugely impacted  the governance. To divert the attention from its failures, he said BJP has again embarked on hoodwinking people by shifting blame to other parties, which he termed as sign of frustration. He cautioned the people against BJP’s duplicity and hoped they will see through its game-plan of whipping up passions. He said the growing realization among people, especially the youth of Jammu about diversionary and divisive politics of the BJP is simmering into a huge discontent.

“Realizing public anger and seeing writing on the wall, the unnerved BJP flock has now switched over to its favourite ploy of playing to the galleries by indulging in falsehood”, he said and reminded them that there were no takers to their hollow promises anymore in Jammu now.

Rana announced Rs 20 lakhs out of his Constituency Development Fund for the construction of a Community Centre in the area.

During his tour the people of Kanna Chadgal expressed their gratitude to MLA Rana for getting the local High School upgraded as Higher Secondary School, a long pending demand of a decade and half.