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Jammu, 29th June 2024: The Central University of Jammu Ranks 49th among Indian Universities in the latest Nature Index Rankings. The Nature Index Research Leaders 2024 released recently (previously the Nature Index Annual Tables) shows the rapid progress of research the university has made on the basis of research output. The Nature Index is an open database of author affiliations and institutional relationships. It tracks contributions to research articles published in 145 natural science and health science publications chosen by an independent group of researchers.

Central University of Jammu (CUJ) has made a remarkable growth in the global scientific community, securing the 49th position in the prestigious Nature Index 2024. Whereas, with all types of institutions category, Central University Jammu has been ranked 137th and 110th position in the overall and academic respectively. The Nature Index, known for its rigorous evaluation of research output across high-quality science journals, highlights CUJammu significant contributions to scientific research, predominantly in the fields of Chemistry, Earth sciences, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the University, reflecting its growing influence and excellence in scientific research.

Prof. Sanjeev Jain, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jammu expressed his delight at the university’s remarkable accomplishment. He further stated that, “Securing the 49th position among the University in the Nature Index is an exemplification to the hard work and dedication of our faculty members, research scholars, and students. This recognition underscores our commitment toencouage a robust research environment and contribute to global scientific advancements. Prof. Jain highlighted future initiatives aimed at sustaining and improving CUJammu’s research standing. “We are committed to maintaining this momentum, and our future plans include establishing new research centers and increasing funding for innovative projects. We also intend to strengthen our ties with leading national and international institutions to facilitate knowledge exchange programs and collaborative research.

Prof. Yashwant Singh, Registrar Central university Jammu said that it is a significant accomplishment for the University, he also congratulated faculty members for their achievement stating, “This is a proud moment for Jammu and for higher education in the North-East Universities. Healthy competition between institutions will only drive us to achieve greater heights in scientific research.”

The Nature Index 2024 ranking not only brings prestige to CUJammu but also inspires other institutions in the region to strive for excellence in research and innovation. With this achievement, Central University of Jammu has set a new benchmark for academic and scientific excellence in UT of Jammu and Kashmir.