JK News Today

Jammu September 4:

Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha today impressed upon the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister to promote other regional languages in UT Jammu & Kashmir also in view inclusion of Dogri, Hindi, Kashmiri and English as official languages, a part from the existing Urdu, in the UT J&K proposed bill approved by the Union Cabinet for introduction in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament starting form 4th September 2020.

The cabinet decision will not only bring ease of Governance, but also ease of citizen participation in governance in UT. This was along pending demands of DBPS to declare Hindi & Dogri as a official language stands fulfilled by the PM and Union Home Minister, said Ved Parkash Sharma President of Sabha while interacting with media persons here.

Senior member of the Sabha Advocate P.C. Sharma said that now Dogri Hindi can also be used as medium language in the official documents/work in UT many documents in the department could be conducted easily and also be understood by every citizen of UT knowing his own language.

Advocate D.N. Pangotra another senior member of the Sabha said that inclusion of Dogri, Hindi etc as official languages is not only a fulfillment of a long pending demand, but also in keeping with the spirit of equality.

V.M. Magotra, Advocate Chander Mohan Sharma, Subash Shastri, Satyanand Sharma, N.C. Sharma, M.L. Sharma, B.S. Jamwal, M.L. Padha, Shiv Ram Sharma, Jagan Nath Sharma, Sunil Sharma, Ramesh Sharma, K.L. Sharma, Dr. Som Nath Magorta, Prem Balotra, Sat Paul Sharma, Jia Lal Sharma, Shiv Charan Das Sharma & others thanks P.M. for giving consent at cabinet meeting, thanks Home Minister Amit Shah for moving the cabinet nod. It is matter of pride of people of UT Jammu & Kashmir that Hindi & Dogri languages has been given due recognition as it will also encourage to speak both Hindi & Dogri languages, they added.