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It is an irony of sorts . There is a near unanimity  among all the politicians in Kashmir that  India should re-open dialogue with Pakistan  for  resolving Kashmir issue and ushering in a lasting peace in the state. It is a beautiful  idea because there is no other alternative for  India and Pakistan to sit together and resolve the issues hurting  normalcy in the relationship of the two South Asian countries . But  when this idea is peppered with a relentless hate- India and hate-Indians campaign , the same  thought  sounds  biased and  imported by the powers hostile to India, its integrity and sovereignty.

None of these leaders, right from the veterans like  Farooq Abdullah ,  Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami, Ghulam Hassan Mir  and Hakim  Yasin  to the young icons  Mehbooba Mufti and  Omar Abdullah of the so-called mainstream  camp  have missed a chance to put blame at the doors of Delhi for whatever is wrong in Kashmir . Not even once they have pointed out to  Pakistan’s machinations  in the Valley , and now extended to other parts of the state, the Muslim dominated parts of Jammu and Ladakh regions . Their one-eyed view  has contributed to the growth of the  separatism .

They have deliberately avoided  making any reference to Pakistan occupied  Jammu and Kashmir , better known as Pakistan occupied Kashmir ( PoK) . They are scared of talking of the occupation of state’s territory to Pakistan and exploitation of the people  there by Islamabad, for they know that any word against Pakistan would invite the wrath of Pakistani establishment , whereas hate-India campaign  brings them lime light   amid the unique security that they enjoy India .

It is an old and well-known trait of these political groups and leaders. They have tried hard to hide their failures  by exploiting the innocent and gullible  masses in Kashmir . For seven decades they have not been able to deliver on the promises  of  getting basic facilities to their people. Whenever the cries for water, power, roads ,  educational facilities and health care become loud, they shift their goal post to the “ unresolved Kashmir issue.”

Omar Abdullah who had fought and won the elections in 2008 on  the promise to  provide  basic necessities to  people  shifted his goal post. “ Kashmiri youth don’t need development , jobs, their problem is political, address that,”  he had thundered at a rally  in presence  of the then  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  and Congress president Sonia Gandhi  in Anantnag  in October 2009 .  His  predecessor and successor Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti have  tirelessly  been  advocates of the dialogue with all stakeholders  besides stressing  imperativeness of dialogue with Pakistan .

This is nothing but there attempt to distract attention from the real issues facing the people in Kashmir . The politically wise and super conscious people of Kashmir know that they are being taken for a ride . Now a revolt has  started brewing up this exploitation . But, unfortunately for them, the alternatives are equally exploitative leaders .

Dialogue with Pakistan is a cover for their failures.