JK News Today
November 23

The outgoing army chef of Pakistan army Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday showed mirror to the political set up of the country and also declared that East Pakistan becoming Bangladesh in 1971 was a political failure and not that of the military .
In., what may be his farewell speech ahead of his retirement on November 29, Gen. Bajwa accused the political class o of the failure and l creating unprecedented crisis . He said that their criticism of the army was unwarranted and uncalled for .
The army chief, due to retire on November 29, said the “reality is that there have been mistakes from every institution, including political parties. He added that lessons should be learned from the mistakes so the nation could move forward.
In a thinly veiled reference to PTI’s claims of regime change, the army chief said that a “false narrative was created from which an escape is now being attempted”, Pakistani media reported quoting his speech.
He added if a regime change operation had taken place, the army would ot a not have sat idly by and would have protected the country.
The COAS also said that the country was facing serious economic issues and political stability was required as no one political party could take the country out of the current fiscal crisis.
Urging for the adoption of a “true democratic culture”, Gen Bajwa said when a party won the 2018 elections, they were branded as “selected” and when a party was replaced with another at the Centre after a vote of no confidence, that was called an “imported” government.
“We need to reject this behaviour, victory and defeat are part of politics,” said the army chief, adding that political parties of Pakistan would need to “develop the strength” to accept victory or defeat.
At the start of the ceremony, the army chief also touched upon the loss of then East Pakistan during the 1971 Pak-India war. He said it was a political not a military failure