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 New Delhi, December 10

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today  accused opposition  of denying him chance to speak in the Parliament even as he claimed at a rally in Dessa, Gujarat, that the demonetization  has broken the back bone of terrorism in the country.

Modi under attack from the opposition  for not attending the parliament and listening to them on the hardships that  the demonetization has heaped on the common man across the country ,  alleged at the BJP rally in Gujarat, “ I am airing my views at a public meeting  because  I am not being allowed to speak in the Parliament.”


Amid loud cheers he said that he has brought a technological revolution along side a  big axe on the  black money . He charged the opposition led by Congress in Parliament in “ provoking the honest against  me.”  “ Let them criticize me and my policy but they should not mislead the people  across the country who are supportive of his crackdown on counterfeit currency and black money.”

This charge that he is not being allowed  to speak in the parliament came a day after Congress Vice President  Rahul Gandhi told   media that  when he would speak in Parliament, the earthquake would happen . “ The demonetization  is a big scam.”

Opposition is also mentioning the increasing number of deaths of the people while standing in queue outside  banks and ATMs. They are demanding that the Prime Minister should be present in the House to listen to the woes of common people.

Modi tried to  turn tables on the opposition by claiming loudly that those standing in the queues were doing so for the nation.

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