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Pakistan’s least kept state secret is its obsession with Kashmir , so, when its foreign office announced that Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the UN General Assembly will focus on Kashmir, offers no surprise.

The talking points are also familiar : the Kashmir should be resolved under the UN resolutions, and there would be a long tale on the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir and , also as usual , the wildly imagined  number of the Indian army in Kashmir.

Each and every point that  Pakistan  PM will raise , he knows is not true. It is a deflection from the bogs in which Pakistan is seeped in . Needless to say,  where it is , and where it is heading .  Its own leaders and writers have pointed out the malaise within  that Islamabad refuses to acknowledge under the fear of GHQ- the army headquarters located in Rawalpindi .

Senator Sherry Rehman, an influential voice in Pakistan politics reflected on the attempts to demoralise  Shias and the minorities in the Senate, upper House of Pakistan Parliament. She said:” What’s this , we are calling Shia as murderers. This is not acceptable. Pakistan’s identity is in danger as when the guns are pointed at Shias and the minorities.”

This was the summary of what is happening in Pakistan . A country that prided itself on the Muslim identity is killing Shias because they are in a minority. There were widespread rallies across  cities in Pakistan by Sunni extremists who have targeted Shias instilling fear among them. As Sherry Rehman , a former minister and also Ambassador of Pakistan to the US pointed out in her speech that the “ minorities are also getting scared,” she spoke mild truth about the intense prosecution of the minorities in Pakistan, be they Hindus, Sikhs or Christians. They have been killed, raped and there have been endless conversions and all other atrocities.

Imran Khan will never speak about the state of affairs of Pakistan and how this nation has failed.  It might be falsely claiming that the terrorism has been tamed, the fact is it is still the hub of terrorism  , it nurtures terrorism . Now it is becoming the hub of Sunni extremism.