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NEW DELHI: Instagram in September gave us a glimpse into its tools aimed at controlling trolls. Now, the company co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom has given some more details on the upcoming features that’ll help users not only control he comments but also report for certain flaws.

In a blog post, Systrom said that Instagram will soon bring the feature to turn off the comments on any post. Until now it was available for limited accounts but will be available to all in ‘few weeks’. To activate it, all that users need to do is to tap on ‘Advanced Settings’ and select ‘Turn Off Commenting’. It can be turned on by tapping on the three-dot ‘…’ menu.

In addition to this, Instagram will also let users like the comment as well. Until now, only images and videos could be liked by users. There will be a heart icon next to the comment to like them. “Liking lets you show support and encourages positivity throughout the community,” adds Systrom.


On privacy front, the photo/video-sharing platform will let users remove followers from private accounts more easily. Those with private accounts will be able to do this by tapping the (…) menu in the followers list. The person will not be notified if removed from the list.

Lastly, Systrom says that Instagram will help those users who are struggling and in need of support. By looking at the posts, if a user thinks that someone is thinking of injuring themselves, the user can report it anonymously and Instagram will connect with an organisation to offer help. “We have teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, around the world to review these reports,” says Systrom.

To recall, Instagram in September included two new features to let users filter abusive or inappropriate comments on posts. They can blacklist few words, which if used in any comment will hide the complete comment from everyone else.

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