Binoo Joshi


Does any one know what is happening in this part of Jammu and Kashmir and how to approach and address the problem here? Perhaps not.   In the eyes of Pakistan and rest of India, Kashmir is a landmass inhabited by  people who  have  pure fidelity toward Pakistan , or they are agents of Pakistan trying to destablise the Indian  values of  democracy and secularism . The  state has been made the battleground.


The whole of Jammu and Kashmir is troubled by what is happening in the state . An extraordinary focus is on the street protests and the counter-measures by security forces in parts of the Kashmir Valley  for the level of  violence and disturbances it has propelled onto  multi-media.  It is quite alarming and  full of pain.


Against the backdrop of the blood-letting disturbances  making headlines, little or no attention has been paid in what is happening in rest of the state, which is aloof to the concerns that are believed to be  at the core of the agitation measured by peaking violence and deaths . Still worse, it is being seen as a permanent state of confrontation on the streets , which has taken away the narrative of economy and education  from the  life of Kashmiris.  The impression is that they are obsessed and confident of achieving something spectacular as the end game. But that end game is  nowhere in sight.


Jammu’s Hindu , Sikh and Christian , and  a lot many Muslims  stand  for the opposite to the idea and the  agitation that a  section of  the Valley Muslims  in the Valley are using to draw the international attention .


It is up and down story on that count, as the global  diplomats are more worried about what is happening in  Yemen,  Syria  and what happens  to Europe after the process of Brexit commences . They are more drawn to  the US presidential election and its outcome . That election is more than the first woman  , in all probability , making it to  the White House . Hillary Clinton represents  much more than her gender- her experience in the  politics and brush with the global affairs, as first lady, secretary of state  and  Senator .


Jammu stands for   strengthening India and the idea of India in the whole of state. It believes that the whole K-issue is  a result of Pakistan’s own game of survival  for the neighbouring country, seen as a failed state, in most of the world, needs a distraction of emotional slogan  to get Kashmir to keep the things going.  Pakistan has hand in the Kashmir trouble is an undeniable fact.   But this also is an exaggeration , because Pakistan could not have succeeded in its narrative in Kashmir, had fertile ground not been provided by Delhi  by its history of committing mistakes after mistakes. These fed cynicism and deepened the  distrust between Srinagar and Delhi . There is no need to elaborate .  But, for example, the current troubling situation in the Valley is seen as something that  is just three-months old or as igniting of the stored ammunition by Pakistan over the past few months . These assessments  are peppered  by  jingoistic narrative to a large extent . This draws false conclusions . That leaders to wrong diagnosis and the  disease continues to expand  like cancer.


Ladakh , though many  Kashmiris are repulsive to the idea of seeing it as a one unit – they think Kargil is a different entity closer to the Valley  because of the majority Muslim  population ,  has its own aspirations. The Buddhists want Union Territory status, detached from the forced  rule f Kashmiri Muslims over them.  It is staunchly pro-India belt, despite China making attempts  to  carve out its own space in the cold desert region. Its interest in the region has grown because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor that passes through  Gilgit- Baltistan. The region borders Leh and Kargil .  As the facts stand today,  Pakistan occupied Kashmir territories have already become  a sort of colony of China- Pakistan is a party to that.

If the situation has to be saved, what is needed is, a comprehensive assessment of the  condition of all the three major regions and their sub regions , and start of intra J&K dialogue  before the  proposition of  talks with Delhi or Islamabad are put to practice. There, hardly  is any communication between the peoples of the three regions in finding  an all acceptable solution to their problems . It is a tough call, because pro-India elements have to listen and understand what the other side is saying and why. And, Kashmiri Muslims should also think and talk that whether they would be able to convince anyone  in the world, if the problem  is just Kashmir-centric .