JK News Today


Jammu, November 23

Jammu and Kashmir Government has decided to  set up  special monitoring cell in all the departments to promptly dispose off  VIP communications from the  Governor’s secretariat and  Central government ministries.

There had been inordinate delays in  dealing with the high value communications by the state government departments received from the Government of India ministries and Governor’s secretariat. The state government admitted that there was “ no effective mechanism in place to  monitor the disposal of these communications and replies  to the concerned ministries in the Government of India and  Governor’s secretariat.”


These delays resulted in lapse of funds and timely communication on the critical issues.

The General Administration Department said that , “it is impressed upon all Administrative Secretaries to set-up a cell in their departments to monitor the

disposal of VIP communications/D.0. letters/Communications

received from Government of India/Governor’s Secretariat / Chief

Minister’s Secretariat, Ministers/MPs/MLAs/MLCs. “

“The in charge  of the Cell shall ensure that response(s) whenever required

are sent by the concerned departments to the concerned Ministries

in the Government of India/Governor’s Secretariat / Chief Minister’s

Office within fixed timelines, the GAD order said.