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Jammu, August 1 7 Prof. Umesh Rai, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu on Wednesday released the book titled “Complex Rivalry: The Dynamics of India-Pakistan Conflict” written by Dr. Surinder Mohan, faculty member of Department of Strategic and Regional Studies’ (DSRS) and published by University of Michigan Press (USA).
Prof. Virender Koundal, Director DRS, and all the faculty members of the department along with Prof. Pankaj Shrivastva, president JUTA, Dr. Mohammad Monir Alam, Dr. Ganesh Malhotra, Dr. Ranjan Sharma and Shri. Ranjeet Kalraji were also present.

Prof. Umesh Rai was glad to see this accomplishment and motivated the department faculty to keep on doing such good work and take more such initiatives to publish research works from internationally reputed publishers, primarily from University Presses.

During an elaborate discussion, Prof. Virender Koundal and Dr. Surinder Mohan briefed the Vice Chancellor about the book and how this study took more than a decade to complete.

Then the author briefly summarized the book, Complex Rivalry, which demystifies how the India- Pakistan conflict is one of the most protracted and violent conflicts in global history and why it persists despite the two sides engaged in four major wars and over fifty militarized disputes.

The Vice Chancellor was also briefed about another virtue of this well-researched book that it lays down various possible trajectories and provides a comprehensive framework of rivalry transformation in three systematic phases, referred to as “steps to peace,” which the leadership of India and Pakistan must pursue to explore the path of peace-building and make headway to a promising transformation and stable peace in the long run.

The author presented a copy of the book to the vice chancellor who encouraged and acknowledged the department’s serious academic engagement in the field of national security and international affairs.