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A renowned   Mumbai based numerologist of   India Sandhiya  Mehhta  predicted on  Saturday that the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti would have  “ trouble- free run” in 2017 and it will continue till 2019 .

“Mehbooba Mufti , who is ruling  the state of Jammu and Kashmir,  will be having  smooth run  in 2017. There would be some revolutionary things that she is expected to do this year.” The astrologer did not specify the revolutionary things she would do  in the year starting from tomorrow.

Sandhiya  said that the Chief Minister who  faced troubles  during 2016 within  three months of  her taking over as Chief Minister , will  rule without any problems till 2019, thereafter there would be   a fall in her fortunes. “ She may even lose power , and despite her wish to work for the welfare of  the people,   she won’t get the peoples’ support.”

Peace  would revisit Jammu and Kashmir in 2017 . There would be peace and harmony in the coming year, the  business would  be flourish .  The bad past is over. The people of the state will support government.  “ These gains will get consolidated  in 2018. That would be a very good period for Jammu and Kashmir and  Mehbooba Mufti.”

Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah will bring some  changes in his own life style. He would start communicating more with the people and devote his attention to the people. But his real chances of staging a come back to power  would be in 2019.

On Indo-Pak relations , she said that both the  countries  would move forward to  improve their relations . India would take some initiatives to  work with Pakistan and Islamabad  will be forced to respond. The 2017 would be a good period for both the countries ,the numerologist  said while weighing  the numerical  permutations and combinations of  Delhi and Islamabad.


About  Sandhiya  Mehhta :

Sandhiya Mehhta is an ace Numerologist, Vastu consultant, Reiki Grandmaster, spiritual healer & motivational speaker. She has been a guiding light to a numerous amount of people and helped them to achieve their dreams and goals and has spent her career in understanding how she can use occult science knowledge; improve our everyday lives to create a positive workforce of universal energy to drive us forward.

She has expanded the numerological field with her research and knowledge, and with advanced experiences has helped her to help every human soul in return, to guide them to achieve their enchanting dreams, gain power over their fortunes and to come alive. Sandhiya Mehta today is a worldwide brand who represents success and growth, for herself and for people she counsels. She is in the field for more than thirty years, and in this journey has helped and exchanged energies and ideas, guided people to lead better lives, has received dozens of honours and recognitions, like ‘The Nari Ratna award, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani Award, Rastriya Ratan award, Mahila Shiromani award, 4p Brand recognitions, ‘The Global Indian Leaders excellence award and many more such appreciations from people like The PM of nepal, deputy PM of Thailand, the royal families of India


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