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Jammu, November 25 ( JKNT)

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Friday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for absence of application of mind  while announcing  demoneticisation  policy on November 8

He also lashed  out the Modi bhakts who were blindly supporting demonteicisation   and asked them how much proof they need to agree that it was rolled out with “no application of mind”.

“How much more proof is required before devotees of this govt agree that this #demonetisation has been rolled out with no application of mind,” Omar wrote on twitter.


Omar was referring to surfacing of two variants of 500 rupee notes, which the Reserve Bank of India put down to printing defect due to rush.

“Don’t we have a Governor of the RBI? Has anyone seen him in the last few weeks? Does anyone know what he plans to do about this mess?” Omar asked.

“Would request @RBI to please inform me how many counters they operate in J&K where people can exchange their discontinued notes,” he added.