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Jammu, November 30,

Former Chief Minister  Omar Abdullah today chastised  BJP  for making noises about the isolation of Pakistan and asserted that “ Pakistan is no more isolated internationally today  that it was six months ago.”

Omar Abdullah tweeted on Wednesday, “Regardless of what BJP spokespersons would have us believe Pakistan is no more isolated internationally today than it was six months ago.”

Omar also  a former minister of state for external affairs  wrote  this  one line  critique of BJP’s obsession with  “ isolation  of Pakistan,”  particularly after the cancellation  of  SAARC summit  that was to be held in Islamabad , Pakistan in November 2016, following  terror attack in Uri on September 18, after the cacophony of this phrase by BJP yesterday. The BJP had attributed the terror attack at Nagrota army camp  on Tuesday to “ desperation of Pakistan arising out of its isolation at the global level.”


While this is true that Pakistan faced lot of flak  after the  Uri terror attack , which according to Indian and international analysts , was executed by  Pakistan based  terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba,   and the SAARC summit was cancelled as five out of the  eight nations sided with India in boycotting  Islamabad meet , but the growing relationship of Islamabad with Russia, Iran  has shown that Pakistan matters to these countries. Its geo-strategic location remains  crucial to  the United States  as well  despite sweet-sour trajectory since 9/11 .

Pakistan is still in the list of allies of the U S. However, surprising  were the joint military exercise by Pakistan and Russia, the latter  once regarded as an unbreakable ally of  India .  On the other hand China has further consolidated  with Islamabad , manifested through China- Pakistan Economic Corridor  ( CEPC)

Organization of Islamic Conference  had also supported Pakistan on Kashmir and of late  Islamabad has been hearing  music from   other countries , including Turkey and the outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon .

The ugly paste of Uri attack  is peeling off from Pakistan  as the world is looking  at its own interests  in Pakistan and its neighborhood.

Omar  is rated as among  one of the finest  analyst of international affairs.

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