JK News Today Commentary

Jammu, August 25:

Pakistan is  delirious . It is  unable to hide its elation over the  success of the Taliban in Afghanistan , and believes that the fundamentalist militia would help it to better its ties with China  and enhance its standing in the world . There should be no grudging of the day-dreaming that the leaders in Pakistan are indulging in .

But the real problem is that it is seeing in the “ victory of Taliban” in Afghanistan  as a “ defeat for India.” There is no rationale to its assumptions  and presumptions , but the men hallucinating people are not subject t0o any rationale , nor do they need one .

One of the arguments  advanced by it is that since India is evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan , therefore, it has lost ..

Pakistan’s interior minister Sheikh Rashid , famous for his outlandish statements and often a cause  of deep embarrassment  for his country ,   in his press conference in Islamabad  on Wednesday  said “ the way India was evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan made its defeat evident” , and credited Pakistan this self-assumed “ defeat of India”

It is true India is evacuating its citizens , like all other nations  who care for the safety of their nationals . India has every right to do everything possible under the sun to airlift its citizens to safety to their homeland before the storm of violence erupts in the land where they feel unsafe .  India is fulfilling its national duty toward its citizens. There are many other nations who have evacuated or in the process of evacuating their nationals . So, what Sheikh  Rashid said is reflective of sick mentality of Pak9istan , to put it mildly. India cares for its citizens , whereas Pakistan hides behind bushes when it comes to rescuing its nationals . In 2020 , Pakistani nations were struck in various countries  and wanted to be home at  the time of the Covid-19 storm, they were left helpless and begging other nations to help them.

Indians are vulnerable  in Afghanistan ,  not because of the imminent threat of the chaos and the civil war in Afghanistan , but more so because of Pakistani terrorists  who are operating now there without any check.

Sheikh Rashid has spilled the beans that Afghanistan as on today is  in the hands of Pakistan . He has endorsed what  ousted Afghan president Ashraf Ghani had  stated in Tashkent in July-end that Pakistan had sent 10,000 armed jihadis to Afghanistan. Those jihadis are still there and acting at the behest of the ISI of Pakistan . They are threatening each and every one there , and specially targeting women, children and innocent citizens.

.It had done it in the past when it killed Indian engineers and other workers engaged in building infrastructure and improving lives of the ordinary people in Afghanistan were targeted , shot and blasted . Now, when there  is no organized force to stop them, India cannot leave its citizens to  Pakistani wolves.

Second, it should not be forgotten that tens of thousands of Afghanis are yearning to come to India for their own safety and secure future of their children.  They are not Indian citizens, but India is committed to launch humanitarian  campaign. What has Pakistan to say about them ? Nothing . It is eternally obsessed with India.

Pakistan is boasting  success  of  its nation and its institutions in Afghanistan  . The whole of Afghanistan , women and children are worried about their dignity and rights  and they are looking for a way-out  Afghanistan , therefore  Pakistan is  right in boasting that it has tasted success in Afghanistan.