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Kashmir: Preserving Centuries-Old Craftsmanship and Empowering Local Artisans through a Unique and pioneering endeavor that bridges cultures, preserves heritage, and empowers local communities, Pashmina Goat Project emerges as a beacon of tradition and innovation. This ambitious startup with a background of community work of over a decade, is not merely a futuristic venture; it is a cultural movement that is bringing forward the largest community of authentic Pashmina craftsmen and crafts women and their compelling narratives from the heartlands of Kashmir, Ladakh, and Jammu.

With a passionate quest to revive and celebrate the cherished art of Sustainable Luxury Pashmina craftsmanship, and real Pashmina, a tradition that dates back centuries, the project has been the most credible global voice of over a million people directly and indirectly linked to the authentic pashmina eco-system and has collaborated with skilled artisans in the picturesque remote villages of Kashmir, Ladakh, and Jammu with a aim to rejuvenate the Pashmina industry while making a lasting impact on the lives of the artisans. With unwavering commitment to the local communities, the Project is deeply rooted within the villages it serves. By building a model of fair wages, ethical working conditions, and sustainable practices, the project is not only helping artisans economically but also fosters a sense of pride and ownership in their craft. This venture empowers artisans to continue the age-old traditions that have been passed down through generations, enriching the cultural fabric of the region. Central to the Pashmina Goat Project’s ethos is its commitment to storytelling that surround the real Pashmina artisans. Through an interactive digital platform and soon in physical outlets, the project invites the world to intimately engage with the artisans’ stories, their inspirations, struggles, and triumphs. With this, the project forges meaningful connections between the global audience and the artisans, fostering a sense of empathy and admiration for their artistry and also counters the outlets and brands who sell fake and machine made Pashmina at the prices of the real handmade Pashmina without any background or connections with the real artisans.

Pashmina Goat Project through it’s founder Babar and Co-Founder, Dr. Henna is bringing a fresh perspective to the global quiet luxury market. By honouring tradition, ensuring ethical practices, and celebrating the genuine craftsmanship of each Pashmina shawl, the project sets a precedent for sustainable luxury. Each Pashmina product is a testament to the artisans’ dedication, skill, and passion, transcending mere material value to become an embodiment of cultural heritage. As a Sustainable Luxury Tech Startup, recognised by the Government of India; has steered a movement that resonates with anyone who values heritage, authenticity, and sustainable community development. With each purchase, supporters become part of an inspiring journey that empowers artisans and safeguards a centuries-old legacy.

Dr. Henna and Alhana who runs a small initiative “HER DREAM” within the project for young girls, were in a remote village within Kashmir, expressed their deep sense of pride in the pivotal role played by Pashmina’s women artisans. These artisans have not only contributed to the well-being of their families and the education of their children but also actively supported their husbands in managing household affairs. The daily challenges they face and how they maintain the optimism for their children’s future shines brightly, as they continue to weave a path towards better prospects. Pashmina Goat Project is on road to bring together 10,000 Real Pashmina artisans onboard their platform in the next few months.