JK News Today

Jammu, December 30

PDP leadership has struck a deal with the BJP ministers in the coalition government; they would remain silent while their uncharitable activities in government would be ignored.

Sources said that after having  felt bitter over the “audacity” of Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh and other BJP ministers  in the December 10 cabinet meeting in which Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti left in a huff on seeing a determined opposition in restructuring of the  Kashmir Police Service cadre ,  she  has  made it clear that she won’t accept recurrence of any such incident in  future.

Chief Minister’s message has been delivered to the Dy. C.M. and other BJP ministers . In case of the “good behavior” by the BJP ministers, all their uncharitable activities would be looked other side.

After the demonetization ,  names of some of the ministers figured in the  media about their illicit money – though nothing  was proven –  but all these  activities were ignored as per the deal . The  Chief Minister, it has been assured by the BJP ministers, will face to  resistance in making  administrative changes as and when she wanted . The BJP ministers, according to sources , have promised their silence . They have also  assured that on any contentious or sensitive issues, they would  keep mum  ,  that will amount to their acquiesce  to PDP’s claim .

The BJP  ministers have  uttered not even a  word on the issue of  West Pakistan Refugees’ fate. BJP had promised to get them citizenship rights,  while the government has ruled out even domicile certificate to them.

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