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New Delhi, December 29

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing the nation yet again  before the dawn of the new year  coinciding with the December 30thdeadline for depositing of the scrapped currency  of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes.

Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office told J K News Today that Prime Minister will offer an overview of  the  old notes in banks  since his last address to the nation on the evening of November 8, which took the nation by surprise and shock over the withdrawal of 86 per cent of the currency in  circulation.

Modi on November 8  had said that his step was aimed at curbing the curse of black money,  corruption and  to deal a blow to the terrorism sustained by the counterfeit currency and black money .

Now, when the December 30th deadline is  just 24 hours away, Prime Minister  has been flooded with mixed response. BJP and its supporters aggressively supported his campaign, despite so many changes in his initial assertion that the pain would last  only for 50 days and thereafter everything would be smooth and honest . His repeated changes on the limits on withdrawal  were  hailed as the “ march with the times.”

The opposition parties and some of the regional parties pounced on Modi for speaking outside the Parliament and avoiding Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha  to shield himself from the  inconvenient questions raised by the opposition. As a result, the winter session of the  Parliament was washed out. The Government and opposition blamed each other for that.

Prime Minister also was charged with “ personal corruption”  by the opposition and the Prime Minister is yet to respond to the charges. When he mocked at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi  and mimicked his  public speaking , the Congress leader countered him , asking” Modi ji  mock  me as much as  you can, but please answers questions that the nation has been asking about demonentsation and your  personal  corruption.”

During these less than to months , thousands of jobs have been lost and most of the rural economy is in distress.

Perhaps, Modi will seek   more time to put economy on the track and make cashless economy  a reality of the new world in his address, the sources said.

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