Muhammad Ashar

JK News Today
Doda, September 22: People of Chenab valley of Jammu and Kashmir are caught in between Corona Virus and Typhoid and the dilemma seems to be never ending in these times of crisis.
Both the things have made the lives of people difficult in this part of Jammu and Kashmir and people don’t know which one to treat.
Some people with fever go for Vidal test and the report comes positive for Typhoid whereas some with fever and throat infection go for COVID test and it also comes positive.
Since the outbreak of COVID pandemic people are in deep fear and once the virus has spread it’s tentacles here also scores of people are being tested positive every day. Some of them with strong symptoms are admitted in hospitals whereas some with low symptoms or no symptoms are in isolation in their homes. But on the other hand many people with fever have also been tested positive for Typhoid and they are also in homes.
“A couple had fever and wife was tested positive for Typhoid whereas husband was tested positive for Corona virus. Wife is moving freely inside the house whereas husband is confined to a room where he is provided food while adhering to COVID SOPs,” said an official of health department of Doda.
Since March this year, both these things are going parallel and to avoid getting the tag of being COVID positive, sone people prefer to go for Vidal test.
But the most annoying thing is that some people with fever and cough are not even going for either of the tests and are posing threat to others living around.