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Chenani, July 4:

Provincial President of Women Wing of National Conference Satwant Kaur Dogra today said that the BJP/PDP unholy alliance was based on greed and the Jawans, civilians and border people of Jammu and Kashmir had to pay a heavy price for this greediness. The situation had never deteriorated to this extent before, development was standstill, rivers of blood had never flown so extensively and never had so many Jawans lost their lives before and all this happened during the BJP/PDP government rule in the state and the people of Jammu and Kashmir will never forgive the BJP & PDP for their greed.

            Provincial President of Women Wing was addressing a workers rally at block Sewna in Chenani organised by former Sarpanch Smt. Surishta Jaral.  Satwant was accompanied by Provincial Secretary Smt. Veena Oberoi, Provincial Joint Secretary Pinky Bhat, District President Smt. Rama Gupta and District Secretary Geeta Handoo among others.

            Speaking on the occasion Provincial President accused the BJP/PDP government of massive corruption and mis-governance for the last three and half years besides pushing the state into political uncertainty and widespread disenchantment. She said that by admitting failure of their government in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP ran away from key roles and responsibilities betraying the people of the state who elected them. She said that BJP came to power by exploiting the sentiments of people of Jammu and when it came to deliver, they raised their hands. The people have seen the real face of BJP and would give it a befitting reply at the appropriate time.

            Satwant said that National Conference is the only political binding force between Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh and that the party would fight against divisive forces to protect the integrity and harmony of the State. She said that NC will not allow forces inimical to the communal harmony of this State to divide the three regions by pitting them against each other. Jammu and Kashmir has been an example of peaceful co-existence between people of diverse religions, languages and regions and that example will have to be protected at all costs. “While it might be in the electoral interests of other political parties to divide the State and its people on the basis of religion and region, National Conference treat the cause of amity and brotherhood in the State above and beyond the petty trappings of power and electoral machinations”, the NC Women Wing Provincial President said.

            The Provincial President said that people of Jammu and Kashmir had very bad experience of this unholy greedy coalition and now they have realized the need of political stability that can steer out Jammu and Kashmir from the prevailing morass.
The people understand that it is only the National Conference that is capable of creating jobs, feeding mouths, ending alienation, instilling sense of security and realizing ambitions of all the three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. She said National Conference has a chequered history of public service and engaging people in positive pursuits.
“Time stands testimony to the fact that National Conference has never ever brought the three regions face to face or encouraged wedge between people of various faiths, which has now become norm of the opportunistic and exploitative politics”, she said adding that this is why the party stands tall in all the three regions.

            District President of National Conference Sunil Verma highlighted the crucial role played by National Conference since its inception in gender equality and social justice, saying women have progressed whenever the party came into power in Jammu and Kashmir.

Verma elaborated on various schemes tailored from time to time for female literacy and making women financially self-reliant by promoting the self-help groups, which proved boon for their empowerment. He hoped that women will maintain their pace in different fields and contribute in societal development in a big way.

             District Secretary Ram Purshotam Sharma asked the party cadre to strengthen party at grassroots levels. “NC has always worked towards empowering women folk in Jammu and Kashmir. History is testimony to that, “ he said adding, “Now it is up to all of us to enlighten our sisters and mothers who don’t know the historical interventions of NC leadership aimed at bringing women  out of the morass of illiteracy and dependency.”

            Former Sarpanch Smt. Surishta Jaral highlighted the problems being faced by the people of the area and sought early redressal.

            Others who spoke on the occasion include District President of Women Wing Rama Gupta, Veena Oberoi, Pinky Bhat, Kaushlaya Devi, Naresh Chander Anthal, Master Tara Chand, Capt. Ravi, Lal Hussian, Kaka Ram, Parma Nand, Suresh Chand among others.