J K News Today

Srinagar, May 19:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the Centre will do everything to restore peace in Kashmir and is willing to talk to everyone to discuss and resolve the issues confronting them

He said that the recent  announcement of the halting of operations  during the month of Ramzan was  a step  to provide relief to the people and also to expose the forces that were promoting and instigating terrorism in a clear reference to Pakistan , though he did not name the neighbouring country.

He said that  external forces were endangering and stalling the process of progress in the State .

Speaking at a function have after inaugurating 350-MW Kishenganga project , Modi said that  he was  are of the difficulties of the people of the state and “ our idea  is to mainstream the youth who have gone astray under the propaganda  of the external forces.”

Prime Minister  said that  the designs of those instigating the youth  to adopt path of terror  were clear , they wanted to wreck the  state and its generation. “ The youth were being instigated to pick up stones and guns to inflict wounds on their own motherland .  We want to ell them this is a self-destructive path  and they should return to mainstream.”

He explained his idea of mainstreaming the youth – “their return to their families, society and becoming part of the developmental journey  of the state.”

He reiterated his commitment to” embrace all Kashmiris “ to resolve their problems as he also called for  an end  to the cult of “ abuses and bullets.”

Prime Minister said that the joining of the forces of democracy and Kashmiriyat  would usher in peace and the Central government would do everything  to resolve the problems.
Those who have a dissenting view or want to argue , let them come forward and discuss it  for the solution.

He again made it clear that he would follow the path adopted by his illustrious predecessor and leader Atal Behari Vajpayee of  resolving the Kashmir issue.

Earlier,  Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti in her speech  profusely thanked rime Minister for announcing the halting of operations  during the holy month of Ramzan.

She said that this has brought immense relief  to the people of Kashmir and mothers and sisters were praying for him for this gesture.” She hoped that the Prime Minister would carry forward this  process , but regretted that Pakistan has not respected this gesture. “ Pakistan continues to adopt a hostile attitude  as  it opened fire on the border residents in Jammu, killing one BSF jawan and  four civilians.”

She said that Pakistan should have honoured the gesture and reciprocated.

Prime Minister made it plain that the Centre has a policy, intention and also the capacity to take decisions  to put J&K back on track.