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New Delhi, Nov.22

Unfazed by the  mounting criticism  of his demonetization  policy announced a fortnight ago,  Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  told his  critics  that, “ this is the beginning of the economic reforms and weeding out of shadow economy from the country  and not the end .”

While addressing the BJP parliamentarians who are facing questions on the scrapping   of the high value Rs 500/1000 notes  and the problems faced by the common men in queues outside banks , the Prime Minister said ,” This is the first step and there are many more steps  in pipeline to do away with the menace of black money that  introduced terrorism, inequality in society and exploitation of poor,” a  message intended to tell the opposition parties that he would not be retracing his step because of their advancing criticism.

“ I stand by my people in the country,” he told the BJP law makers in an emotional speech , applauded by the lawmakers in a show  of solidarity  with him.


Later, the BJP lawmakers passed a resolution hailing Prime Minister’s demonetization move.

Meanwhile the work in the Parliament is  suspended because of the clashes of opposition and the government accusing each other of running  away from the debate on scrapping of Rs500/Rs 1000 notes since November 8 midnight.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley  claimed  that the demonetization was a “ forward- looking step that will change the shape of the economy and there would be a premium on honesty.” He criticized the opposition for what he called  indulging in “ fear-mongering “.

Opposition is asking, why Prime Minister is shy of  facing or sitting in the Parliament, while the government maintains that it is not necessary. “ The debate can be held and it is not necessary for the Prime Minister to be present in the House,” Minoritoes affairs minister Mukhtiar Abbas Naqvi said in Rajya Sabha . He was replying to the leader of opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad, who asked: “ Is asking for Prime Minister’s presence in the House  an anti-national demand.”