Binoo Joshi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s letter  to his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan  proposing engagement with the neighbouring country to foster an atmosphere of peace and cooperation is a grand gesture that should not go unanswered in practice by Islamabad.

Within days after dialing Imran Khan before he was sworn-in as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan on  Saturday , the Indian Prime Minister’s letter reinforces the fact that how keen he, and his government were having a terror-free environment in the whole of South Asia.

As the sources have revealed that the letter’s contents were widely focused on the engagement between India and Pakistan to get rid of the scourge of terrorism from South Asia, the region plagued by extremism and terrorism under one banner or the other , shows that how much Modi values in reaching out to Pakistan and work for peace jointly .

A closer look  at the  situation both in India and Pakistan brings out a grim fact that the terrorism has spread its tentacles all over the region .  In the  electioneering in run up to the July 25th polls in Pakistan , there were brutal attacks on the political rallies , killing some important leaders made it amply clear that the terrorists were out and out to sabotage the democratic process. The terrorists cannot be friends of any one . That Imran Khan seems  to have realized , and that is important because all the  forces promoting terrorism  for one or the other excuse cannot be allowed to disturb the whole political system and social fabric  that binds people and their elected representatives .

India is having its own share of attacks by terrorists . Most of these terrorists have been encouraged, funded and armed by Pakistan . This is a universally known fact and Pakistan cannot put a finger on the denial button to deny the obvious . There might be some non-state actors functioning in Pakistan but that they are operating without the knowledge and patronage of the State actors is  not correct.  The fact of the matter  is that it has been Pakistan ‘s policy to use terrorists as foreign policy elements to gain influence in Afghanistan and India . Kashmir is bleeding and so is Kabul ..

Modi’s  letter should serve as a reminder to Imran Khan  about the tasks ahead of him , if he is to translate his words of peace in the world as truthful reality that others can talk of without any chances of contradiction . The letter is a message of love and peace but at the same time in frames  peace as  a common platform for both the countries.