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Srinagar, November 28 ( JKNT)  A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi owned all the Kashmiri children who appeared in examinations and  reappeared in their schools after a  long period of unrest, All Parties Hurriyat Conference  felt jolted.

Apparently sensing that the Prime Minister’s words had touched the chord with students, their parents, relatives and  Kashmiri students  as he had saluted the children who appeared in huge numbers in the Board examinations , the Hurriyat Conference  today criticized the Prime Minister for his statement.

Huriyat said that education has been the  “prime concern of our society and every parent want to give his wards the best possible education, even at the cost of their own comforts. No one can afford to keep his children away from the glory of education, which not only should help them to earn their   livelihood but enlighten their mind and soul as well, enabling them to get to know the creature and the creator.”


 Huriyat said that we have a vast network of educational institutions  testifying that our youth are hardworking ,passionate  and focused to get to the top on their own without the crutches to expedient their worth .they have touched new heights in every field and are determined to keep the pace in latest advancements but that doesn’t mean that they have lost or fogged their vision of basic rights

 This was change in the Hurriyat’s take on education. A couple of months ago , it had demonized the Indian system of education and  said that the school education was no match to the moral education  which essentially called for differentiating between  good and evil.

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