Devender Singh Rana visited dharna sthal

JK News Today

Jammu, January 01:

The Indefinite Chain Dharna of S. O. S. International – An organization for PoK Displaced Persons today entered into day 6 which is being held at its headquarters Bakshi Nagar, Jammu. DPs have sat on Chain Dharna to highlight their 6 key demands which include implementation the whole package passed by State Cabinet in October 2014 for PoK Displaced Persons, provide facilities to all displaced at par with Valley Migrants, reservation of 8 seats for people displaced from PoK in J&K Legislative Assembly, permit PoK DPs to visit to their religious places in PoK, inclusion of 5, 300 PoK DPs families living outside the State in the ambit of package passed in October 2014 and return of cash deposits with interest to PoK DPs lying with J&K Bank Mirpur. Devender Singh Rana, Provincial President (National Conference) today visited the Chain Dharna site and extended his party support to the cause of PoK DPs. Rajiv Chuni presented memorandum to Devender Singh Rana regarding the demands of PoK DPs. Mr. Rana said that all the demands of PoK DPs are legitimate and it should be fulfilled by present dispensation.

Today’s Chain Dharna led by Arun Kumar accompanied by Pardeep Gupta, Mohan Lal, Pardeep Sabharwal, Santokh Ram and Suresh Sadotra today sat on Chain Dharna to mark their protest. PoK DPs sat on Chain Dharna castigated the Government over its step motherly treatment towards PoK DPs. They said that their demands are quite legitimate and they have been demanding for the same under constitutional frame work.

While speaking in Chain Dharna, Mr. Gupta said that Government has been duping innocent PoK DPs for the last past 7 decades and all the shameless successive Government have never provided much needed justice to people who got displaced from native places but on the contrary, Government is rubbing salt on the wounds of PoK DPs for no fault of theirs. He further said that PoK DPs are fed up of such a brutal and cruel attitude of Government that has totally failed at each and every step of rehabilitating the community that became first ever victims of the State.

Speaking further, he said that our country is a member of United Nations and as per the law of UN that states that it is duty of respective country to provide assistance to its displaced persons till their rehabilitation. “Our country considers Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) is its integral part and it also says that PoK will be taken back from the illegal clutches of Pakistan, that is a good thing and PoK DPs endorse this but till the restoration of PoK, India ought to act as per the law of United Nations. PoK DPs would rejoice a lot if PoK is restored back as their ancestral places are there. PoK DPs must be provided with basic amenities during their current period of exile which has been continuing for the last 7 decades”, he stated.

“Government needs to provide PoK DPs with Rs. 20, 000 monthly cash assistance, Rs. 5, 000 for ration and Rs. 2, 000 for fuel so that their period of exile. The PoK DPs youths are constrained to do labour jobs due to which their future is at stake. They can’t go to good schools, colleges to get quality education due to dearth of cash assistance therefore, Government must consider over it so that, they can live standard lives moreover, this is their right as it also comes under the frame work of Constitution of India and Constitution of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It must act over the UN law for displaced persons but unfortunately, Government has never paid any attention to the deprived community”, he added.

He further stated that there 39 Refugee camps in Jammu where lakhs of displaced persons have been spending their lives under inhumane conditions. “As they have been living in filthy, the PoK DPs youth face lot of problems particularly with the problem of marriage. People hesitate to get their daughters married to youths who live in camps due to sub standard life style. It is high time and imperative when Government must construct satellite colonies so that to some extent, a good life style can be lived by PoK DPs”, he added.

He said that PoK DPs have been demanding for justice for a quite long time and none of the Governments have listened to us. He appealed all the PoK DPs to get united at this juncture of time under the banner of S. O. S. International so that absolute can be achieved. He further said that this unprecedented indefinite Chain Dharna will continue until and unless, Government fulfills all our demands.