DGP rewards police party; EX VDC member, civilians

JK News Today
Jammu, March 01:

On 27.02.2019 at about 1015 hours, a telephonic call was received from an Ex-VDC member that due to an explosion caused by an unidentified aerial projectile in village Mamankote Mallas, Tehsil Chassana one person viz Bagh Hussain S/o Ilam Din aged about 30 years R/o Mamankote, Reasi received grievous injuries. On this information, FIR No. 04/2019 u/s 3/5 Explosive Act, 307 RPC dated 27.02.2019 was registered at Police Station Chassana. Immediately a Police Party was rushed to the spot. After reaching the spot, the injured person was provided first aid by an accompanying pharmacist and with the help of locals, army personnel police shifted the victim to hospital for further treatment. SI Ali Imran, SHO P/S Chassana stayed back with his team for further investigation. He saw that impact of aerial projectile was so great that splinters were scattered around 50 to 100 mts. and a crater had formed and remnants of projectile were lying adjacent to the crater. Just adjacent to the crater a glass pile was lying. While minutely examining the site, SHO could make out something embedded in the said pile. As he fished it out, it was a body cover metal piece of the projectile weighing approx. 6/7 Kgs. AIM-120C-5, SERNO CC12497, 82577-3819625-104, MFR-15090 CONTRACT FA 8675-05-C-0070, GUIDED MISSILE AAV. Further search of markings on body cover metal piece (AIM-120C-5, SERNO CC12497, 82577-3819625-104, MFR-15090 CONTRACT FA 8675-05-C-0070, GUIDED MISSILE AAV) through open source information revealed that AIM-120C is an AMRAAM used by select category of Fighter planes including some used by Pakistan. Realizing the importance of the seizure, their digital pictures were immediately taken and shared with senior formations of the police which then was further shared with other agencies. Other components which were seized from the site were BATTERY 02 NO. RAYTHEON COMPANY, THERMAL BATTERY LI EAP-120115B, ONE SMALL PIECE BELONGING TO RAYTHEON COMPANY C/G, MISSILE, SECTION, MISSILE WPU-16/B; SOME SMALL PIECES OF PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD (PCB) TOTAL IN NO. 7/8 PIECES, WARING- HIGH VOLTAGE, NO. JU-44 & TB1; BATTERY TRANSMITTER = 01 PIECE, MADE IN THE USA, CERAMIC CAPACITOR + 4/5 PIECES, CECO, LLC, SCRAP PIECES WIEGHING APPROX. 4/8 KGS. ABOUT 90/100 PIECES.
The time of occurrence coincided with the time when there was an alert on account of reports of attempt of incursions made into the Indian Territory by fighter planes of neighbouring country in the twin districts of Poonch and Rajouri thereby clearly establishing that Pakistan had used F-16 Fighter Planes while attempting incursions inside Indian Territory. As expert opinion into the recovery was required. Hence, as per directions of senior officers the seized material were handed over to local Army representatives for further investigation of the seized material.
Senior Police Officers took no time to realize the importance of valuable information evidence and ensured its collection and sharing at all appropriate levels.
Medical and paramedical assistance for the injured civilians has been arranged and the police party comprising the following;
1.     SI Ali Imran
2.     HC Mohd. Iqbal
3.     SgCt. Mohidin
4.     SPO Bashir Ahmed
5.     SPO Rash Pal Singh
6.     SPO Rajinder Singh
has been given commendation and cash reward by the DGP for their prompt response to the incident and collection and seizure of relevant data and missile remnants which were shared with local army formations without any loss of time.
The civilian injured person namely Bagh Hussain S/o Ilam Din, the VDC member and another civilian are also suitable rewarded for timely reporting in the case.