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National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana today proposed JAMMU DECLARATION, a charter to forge unity and reinforce trust between diverse communities and divergent regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The core of the declaration will be to engage the people in inter-region and intra-regional dialogue to bridge the fault-lines being created by divisive forces on the basis of region and religion”, Rana said while addressing a public meeting at the border township of Thanamandi in Rajouri this afternoon.

He strongly pitched for wide ranging confidence building measures; between the two regions and within the regions and their sub-regions; between religious and ethnic groups and between different shades of opinion. Intra-regional and inter-region broad-based dialogue has assumed added significance in the wake of mistrust being created by vested interests over a period of time, which is not in consonance with the idea of Jammu and Kashmir. A collective effort is needed to find out the genesis of fault-lines and suggest corrective measures to revive and sustain the glorious ethos for which Jammu and Kashmir was known the world over”, he added.

        "Time has come when such a proposition should emanate from Jammu, the abode of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians and bring into its compass the regions of Kashmir and Ladakh, given our spirit of unity", Rana said, adding that such a Declaration coming on the martyrdom day of Mahatma Gandhi is best tribute to his message of unity.

He said the Mahatma had seen a ray of hope emanating from Jammu and Kashmir during the horrendous days of the Partition and let this spirit be the source of inspiration for the compatriots across the country. The declaration, therefore, would be based on the template of further strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and tranquility between communities and satiating peculiar urges and aspirations of the people in the two regions and their sub-regions. No region or the sub region should nurture a feeling of discrimination in respect of jobs, development and implementation of various welfare schemes, he said, adding that equitable opportunities of progress should form core of such a charter.

Mr Rana hoped that politically sagacious people of the Jammu region would rise above party politics and endeavour for restoring the pristine glory of their heritage based on inclusive co-existence. Eventually, the JAMMU DECLARATION will encompass both the regions and help in ensuring equitable development of each region and their sub-regions.

Rana lamented over misgivings being created about the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who were nationalists to the core and progressive in their thoughts. He said those claiming that Jammu and Kashmir had now joined the national mainstream were exposing their ignorance as the state had consciously chosen to become an integral part of India way back in 1947.

The Provincial President cautioned the cadre to remain vigilant against the machinations of those trying to divide the people on the basis of region and religion, saying their spirit of unity will be a befitting response to the game plan of elements inimical to unity in diversity.

The Provincial President dwelt in detail on the political situation and said the politics of divide is against the ethos of J&K. Such tendencies would not only retard the growth but also create dent in the traditional harmony. We must guard against such influences, he added.

Rana also referred to the problems faced by the people, especially the youth, who are grappling with burgeoning unemployment. A generation of educated unemployed has passed the age of eligibility for jobs and they are now confronted with the bleak future. Development stands pushed to backburner and course correction is needed to reverse the governance inertia, he added.

“For this, we have to unite and rise above religious and regional biases for achieving the larger goal of securing the lives of our people, ensuring their prosperity and heralding a new era of peace and goodwill between regions and religions”, he maintained.

Provincial Youth National Conference PresidentAijaz Jan and senior leader Mr Muzaffar Khan also addressed the gathering and urged the cadre to reach out to the people and help them seeking redressal of their problems at appropriate forums.