JK News Today

Jammu, March 09:

BJP State President Ravinder Raina today wrote a letter to Lt. Governor, Manoj Sinha for Settling of protocol of Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons and Members of DDCs in J&K.

Below is the content of the Letter

His Excellency
The Lt. Governor of J&K
Sub:- Settling of protocol of Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons and
Members of DDCs in J&K.
Esteemed Sir,
With your’s hard work, the commitment of Hon’ble Prime Minister
Sh.Narinder Modi Ji regarding the strengthening of gross root level
democracy in J&K turned into realities, as under your supervision,
the successful conduct of DDC Election held first time in the history
of Jammu & Kashmir with massive response from the local public
and appreciation across the world. The people of J&K have shown
high faith in this institution with the large turn out in this election.
With this election a new leadership full of dedication and
commitment emerged in J&K & they have started working tirelessly
for the betterment of common man in J& K.
Sir, with the amendment in warrant and precedence (protocol)
issued by the RDD Department J&K for DDC Members, there is
massive resentment among the elected DDC Members across the
J&K. The PRIs and people cutting across party lines have approached
myself and expressed their serious displeasure about the fiasco. It
is in this view of the matter I seek to apprise it to your goodself that
the aforesaid orders may very kindly be reviewed and a
comprehensive model be evolved for virtual devolution of powers. And
‘real empowerment’ of this third tier of Panchayati Raj needs to be
done in the greater interest of the sanctity of institution as well as
the importance and urgency attached to it by the Bharat Sarkar. As
J&K has adopted Puducherry model of empowerment and self
government, I therefore request your goodself to consider the protocol
of DDC Chairpersons equivalent to that of a Minister of a State, Vice
Chairperson to that of a Deputy Minister and Member of DDC to be
equivalent to Secretary/IGP rank. More so, the sitting office of
Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons and Member DDCs needs to be
made in order to ensure the confidence of the people as well as the
newly elected persons in the essence as well as edifice of the very
It is in this view of the matter I seek appropriate remedial measures
and hope that steps shall be taken at the earliest and the aforesaid
order of settling of protocol ( Warrant of Precedence) for DDCs in
J&K be reviewed in the interests of equity, justice and fair play and
in the greater interests of the sanctity and strength of the
institutions. And that guarded care needs to be taken while settling
‘ambit of powers’ for District Development Councils.
Your kind indulgence is sought into the matter as such.
With warm regards,
Ravinder Raina
Shree Manoj Sinha Ji
Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of J&K(UT)