Supreme Court will be hearing Rhea Chakraborty plea seeking transfer of investigation on August 11. The court had asked the involved parties to file their responses to the plea.

Rhea Chakraborty has now filed a fresh affidavit in Supreme Court, complaining against ‘unfair media trial’ and attempts to pronounce her guilty for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

In the 11 page long affidavit, Rhea’s plea started off with saying that she had perused the replies filed by the other parties, and denied the charges against her.

“That I am the Petitioner in the present case & I have perused the replies filed on behalf of Mumbai Police, State of Bihar, First Informant and Union of India. The allegations as leveled in the FIR 241 of 2020 registered by Rajeev Nagar Police Station, Patna (FIR) are denied and nothing shall be deemed to be admitted for want of specific denial.”

Chakraborty’s affidavit also stated that Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is being blown out of proportions because of impending elections in Bihar. 

“The sad incident of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput who hailed from Bihar unfortunately occurred just in wake of elections in Bihar. This has led to the issue of suicide of deceased being isolated and blown out of proportion.”

Her affidavit said that she had already been convicted by the media before foul play is established in SSR Case.

“The issue is blown out of proportion in (the) media. Media channels are examining and cross-examining all the witnesses in the case. Petitioner has already been convicted by the media even before foul play in the death of Sushant Singh Rajput is established, Rhea’s affidavit read.

The affidavit pointed out that in two other high-profile cases – the 2G scam and the Talwar murder case, the accused convicted by media were later found to be innocent – “Extreme trauma and infringement of privacy of the rights of the petitioner is caused due to constant sensationalisation of this case. Media had convicted accused in 2G and Talwar case in a similar fashion where each and every accused was later on found innocent by the Courts.” 

Pointing out that few scams never see the light of the day but a case gets registered without jurisdiction, the affidavit further mentioned – “Investigation into financial scams of thousands of crores by Enforcement Directorate & CBI never see the light of the day and at drop of a hat, cases gets registered even without there being a jurisdiction in the foundational case.” 

She further urged the Apex Court for protection against being made a scapegoat of political agendas – “Petitioner urges before this Hon’ble Court that she should be protected and not be made scapegoat of political agendas.”

(courtesy Instantbollywood)