Empowerment, sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitization will be top priorities: Manik Batra

JK News Today

Jammu, April 03:

The Jammu and Kashmir Council of The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)-one of the apex body of the country today hold a webinar to discuss the roadmap to increase investment in Jammu and Kashmir.

Manik Batra, Chairman ASSOCHAM J&K Council and Dr. M.A Alim, Co-Chairman, ASSOCHAM J&K Council, today called a virtual meet of the council to discuss the roadmap for the next financial year.

The webinar started with the presentation about the work done J&K Council of ASSOCHAM in the last financial year, later a detailed discussion was conducted on the roadmap  for the new financial year.

Manik Batra, Chairman, ASSOCHAM J&K Council said, “ We held our first council meeting today to make the road map for 2021. We are India’s apex trade body with 4.5 lac members across India we want to work on a clear road map as decided by our members,”

“Our four priorities for 2021-22 are primarily empowerment , sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitization, we would work around these themes . We will be doing various events in the future in collaboration with the Government and our members to promote start ups, entrepreneurship to promote more investment in J&K,” He added.

While welcoming the members on the first council meet of the  current financial year for road map, Dr M A Alim, Co Chairman, ASSOCHAM J&K Council emphasised that the great heights that could be achieved by the ASSOCHAM JK Council was only possible because of the active participation, and full support of the members which had made the impossible possible in the last covid 19 hit year.