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Jammu, November 29

According to sources, not willing to disclose their identity, the losses on army side could be  higher in fidayeen attack at 116 Field Regiment early today morning in which four terrorists have been killed.

Ealier it was told that One Major and two soldiers were killed when four heavily armed terrorists stormed the army camp at Nagrota which is headquarter of 16 Corps of Indian Army.

According to informed sources the death toll on “Army side is two officers and five other ranks while four others are injured.” But Army is neither confirming nor denying this.

All they are saying officially is “Sanitisation operation is going on.”

The terrorists armed with grenades, assault rifles and other live ammunition  followed a typical pattern of the fidayeen attack, lobbed grenades and  opened heavy gun fire inflicting still unknown number of fatalities and injuries on Army side.


As the terrorists entered the camp surrounded by jungles, the retaliation started.

Till 2 p.m.  the army had recovered bodies of four terrorists. Army played cool in dealing with tricky situation  by targeting the terrorists  in a strategic fashion instead  of rushing into their trap in which maximum casualties were planned.

The Nagrota  army camp is spread over to miles in the hills and infested in jungles . Massive search operations  have  been launched.

This is the first major attack of the  terrorists in Jammu region, while second in Jammu and Kashmir  after September 18 Uri attack in which 19 soldiers lost their lives.

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