By Shivani Gupta
By Shivani Gupta

Skin is the organ outside the muscle. It is the largest organ on human body.
Hydrolypidic film is the top most layer. It is made of sebum (mixture of oil and water) comes out of sebacious glands.
Our skin has layers where our problems occurs and further can be treated accordingly.
Epidermis layer-
Pigmentation occurs here and we can do skin lightening and skin surfacing on this layer.
Dermis layer-
Acne occurs in this layer, so can be treated accordingly. Hair removal also occurs on this layer.
Subcutaneous layer-
Skin tightening, body shaping and lipolysis are done on this layer.
Smass layer-
HIFU treatment can be done till this layer. The layers can be stitched and results last longer.
Premature aging is due to functional abnormalities of hydrolipidic film, which leads to dry corse, dull, pale skin (wrinkling). Melasma will lie in the epidermis layer.

Few of the skin problems that can be diagnosed and further treated:
1. Mangolian spot-
People are born with it and it can disappear after a few years. It has no relation with sun rays.
2.Nevus Zygomaticus-
Closely under the eye, black to grey, grey to brown or black to brown. Occurs during pregnancy,16-40 years. You have to treat it with laser by resurfacing. Sunshine does effect it.
3. Agespot-
Brown and black comes after 50 years, has patches and spots and occurs on face and hands. It requires clinical treatment like Beam Pro laser.
4.Coffee spot-
Dark brown colour by birth on young children. It has an even colour and is a heredity disease which can occur at any part. Patch size increases with age. Laser cant treat this.
Also called liver spot, can be due to having contraceptive for a long time, due to pregnancy, chronic alcohol, cancer, tuberculosis, liver disease. Its brown in colour and can increase with sun exposure. OPT or Beam Pro laser is most effective treatment for this.
Dark brown spot in cheek. Not a disease but. It occurs due to family history also and is on epidermal basil layer. This is easy to remove with the help of Beam Pro and starts occurring from the age of 5-10 years. It has no self-healing and has to be treated. Sunlight has an impact on it.
Even permanent tattoo, which is on the epidermis and dermis layer can be removed with the help of laser like Beam Pro.So now say goodbye to all such small problems and get yourself treated at your nearest laser skin clinic.. Shalz Medispa  is expertised   to diagnose n treat such problems most effectively