JK News Today

Jammu, October 21:

Director General of J&K police Dilbag Singh on Wednesday said that 40 policemen were killed in the line of duty this year as he acknowledged their supreme sacrifice . Most of them were killed while fighting terrorists in J&K or they were targeted as they were seen as defenders of the nation against the terror network set up by Pakistan.

Dilbag Singh’s recall of sacrifices of policemen in J&K was not just the summing up of the numbers . These were not the cold statistics ; it was gratitude that he was showing toward the men and officers of his force. He had given his shoulder to their coffins that meant that he , as head of the police family, felt his duty to do so. That he led a team that was ready to make any sacrifice at any place or at any time.

This is all about the leadership. And heading the police force in J&K has a different role especially when the fight is manifold . There is an external dimension to the situation that J&K is facing – Pakistan has done everything in its kitty to stoke secessionism , terrorism and targeted the security personnel and policemen in particular to establish its writ. But the police braved all the threats and foiled Pakistani designs.

In the last 30 years ever since Pakistan upped its terrorism stoking mechanism in Jammu and Kashmir, the police chief noted, 6,000 policemen have sacrificed their lives. Again this is not just the number , it speaks for the price that the police have paid in ensuring peace not only by fighting terrorists but also defending the civilians against the terror attacks. And in bringing to justice all those who dared to kill civilians .

There have been instances when the police in J&K have neutralised the terrorists within hours of the killing of civilians . This is just one part. The other is that the J&K police have chased relentlessly for months and years the perpetrators of crime and then done what needed to be done with them.

The threats in Jammu and Kashmir also emerge out of the narratives to mislead the people. Many means are used . Most of this is done at the behest of Pakistan , and others get lured to the grand illusions because of the fantasy that radicalism injects . The police have fought it psychologically , as its personnel have visited homes, spoken to the families and counselled youth to differentiate between good and bad paths .

The police chief also led the force in combating the Covid-19 in which policemen suffered but did not hesitate in helping the people by all possible means- distributing sanitisers, masks, and also ration to the needly and arranging vehicles for patients and so on .