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Srinagar,  December 27

Former PDP leader and M P  Tariq Hamid Karra  is increasingly coming under pressure  from his supporters to take  an immediate decision about his next line of action after having parted ways with  the party  of which he was one of the founders  and having resigned from his Lok Sabha seat, according to sources.

Karra, the sources said,  has shut all his doors to the  PDP. He is not entertaining the idea of reconciliation with the party, which he founded along with Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Mehbooba Mufti, Muzaffar Hussain Beg and Ghulam Hassan Mir , and nourished it to the point that twice it came  to power since its birth in July 1999.

Sources said that Karra who had brought a “ dream-win” for PDP  from Srinagar Parliamentary elections  in 2014 parliamentary elections  by defeating National Conference President and three-time Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah , is now mulling as to how  to  make his next move that his  stand gets vindicated and his supporters also like the same.

His supporters are eager that he decide his next move at the earliest . And this move, they are impressing upon him, should come by mid-January because  only thereafter they would be able to  move forward in a definite direction . Since a political vacuum is taking place in the Valley  because of the people getting disillusioned the way the political landscape has been littered with uncertainties by the political players of all hues, separatists included . They are looking for a new leadership without any baggage . Karra fits in that, his supporters insist.

Sources disclosed that Karra has held a series of meetings with his supporters from the Valley , erstwhile Doda district and the border districts of Rajouri and Poonch to determine the majority view . “ I am not going to pursue a policy of vindictiveness  in my politics , I am concerned about the state, and I need support of all the people in all the regions in the state, particularly you ( supporters) “, he is reported to have told his followers who have been  meeting him  all across the state.

Karra, sensing the way the troubles are erupting in the state, and  the foundations of the threat of volcano erupting in Kashmir any time on any small or big trigger , feels that the  politics now onwards would have to be  with a clear direction and not the muddle thoughts, his supporters echo his sentiments.

He wants to usher in a new  era of politics in Kashmir , that s what seems to be crux of his  interaction with  his supporters who have resisted the buy off efforts of  other  political groups .

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