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If you want to stay fit and healthy at all times, then you must make an active effort. Staying fit does not only mean looking good from the outside. It means being active physically, mentally healthy, and feel energetic and ready to tackle the tasks of daily life.

To stay fit and healthy, you do not have to run for hours, or spend hours in a gym or play football or tennis or cycling. You can start by doing simple exercises. People have all sorts of excuses for not exercising. Almost everyone has a family, kids and busy work schedules to attend. However, if you want to be healthy and live longer, then you need to make some small changes to a healthy lifestyle.


To stay fit and healthy, a healthy and balanced diet every day. Make sure your daily diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein. You should reduce red meat, junk food, caffeine and sugar. Avoid soft drinks or fruit preserves. Instead, opt for a variety of fresh fruits, vegetable salads, freshly prepared fruits, milk, nutritious energy drinks, etc.

You need to be more active to stay fit and healthy. Modern life has become very sedentary, with fewer fields of physical activity. You must exercise to burn those calories. Minimal physical activity slows down your metabolism rate. Thus, the weight can be increased even when you eat less. On the other hand, exercise and a more active life will burn calories even when you eat a little more. You can just go for a brisk walk or run, or you can go to a gym. The important thing is that you must include physical activity in your daily life, such as health and fitness can not be achieved without some exercise.

For a healthy life is important to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired the next day. So work hard, but make sure you have enough sleep so that your body gets time to recover.

Do not skip breakfast, no matter how busy you are. Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. It works as a fuel for your body and keeps you for the day. If you skip breakfast, you will feel hungrier in the latter part of the day, and you may end up eating more! Therefore, you could run the risk of gaining weight if you skip breakfast often.

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