J K News Today

Jammu, December 23:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the  J&K BJP leadership to pursue its  people-friendly agenda unafraid of adversarial forces working against interests of the nation .

This issue came up   in the core group meeting of the BJP held in Jammu on Saturday in which all the challenges before the party were discussed. The Party is faced with  a typical dilemma  as it  is within the  government in the state in alliance with PDP and has also to live up to promises made to the people of  Jammu in 2014 polls.

There is a huge gap between  what was promised and what has been delivered so far. The delivery  is almost nil . Prime Minister  is reported to have conveyed his dismay to the top BJP leadership in Delhi and also  messaged the  state leadership  via  in party affairs in J&K  Avinash Khanna .

The core group meeting held  at the official residence of Rajya Sabha M P  Shamsher Singh  Manhas lasted for two hours and the concerns of Prime Minister with regard to party’s performance in the government were discussed , so were the  role of the party outside the government.

“ The party ministers should not only be assertive  within the government and guard the interests of their electorate and the nation but also  maintain a regular and decent rapport with the people and the party workers..” this was conveyed to the party leaders, including some ministers at the meeting , the sources said.

However, the party leaders maintained that  they were doing their job as per  the assignment. Sources said this was the public posturing.